Core Values

Sustainability - It is at the core of what it means to be organic, and that includes both environmental and economic sustainability. We are all about preserving a way of life that values both the land and it’s creatures. We have started with minimizing packaging that generates an enormous amount of waste, with millions of tons ending up in landfills each year. What’s the best way to reduce packaging waste? By getting rid of the harmful components in packaging completely, of course! 50 percent of our products are totally unpackaged, or as we like to say, naked. And the rest? They’re packaged in the most sustainable materials, like our staples are being packed in COMPOSTIBLE materials. So, let’s improve our footprint and make this planet a wonderful place to live.

Transparency - We believe in transparency of ingredients that we use and with all the negatives being raised about integrity of organic, it’s important to bring the good practices to your notice. Hence, we feel responsible to make you aware about how we source best of the ingredients and utilize them in making the most healthy range of products too.

Local/Traditional – We always try to source locally like potatoes which are brought directly from the farms present on the outskirts of Delhi and promote traditional foods or processes to pack some of the basic staples. Sometimes, we need to use ingredients that aren’t grown on farms closer to our current facility – like the almonds in our almond butter that are sourced from Kashmir. So, we source them from producers/traders with organic certification of either NPOP INDIA or PGS standards, who have been working in the field for more than a decade now. It does costs us a little more, but we started Yogis with an eye towards health and sustainability as our focus, and we feel strongly that this is the right thing to do.

Social Impact - In our small way, through our initiative “Yogis Care”, we wish to address some of the important social issues. Our mission is to improve lives of at least 1000 families in first 5 years of our existence, through quality education of their kids, fair pay and economic empowerment by helping them build more value added products for Yogis.  We believe that being in the ‘business of food’ we are entrusted with a greater responsibility of connecting farmers to customers to ensure greater transparency which will result in better understanding of personal & environmental health.



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