Yogis Pass

Your pass to enjoy exclusive discounts on all our products and even on organized farm trips, zero delivery charges and the possibility to enjoy many more benefits.

Here are all the great benefits you'll enjoy with YOGIS PASS.


Order as often as you'd like and never be charged a delivery fee. (Limited one delivery per day)


Enjoy awesome discounts,freebies, tasting of our new products, and many more!


Enjoy the calm and refreshing environment of our Organic Farms with your friends and family.

*Taxes will be charged extra (18%).


      What is YOGIS PASS?

      YOGIS PASS members enjoy unlimited free deliveries. With our membership, you can order as often as you like and never pay a delivery fee! You'll also receive exclusive special offers and savings on all our products. Also, our members are eligible for organized farm trips at discounted price.

      How does YOGIS PASS work?

      Once you have bought the pass, you will be automatically entitled to all the benefits based on the package chosen by you.

      Can I purchase the YOGIS PASS by itself?

      Yes, you can pay for the pass separately without having to place an order. Although, we recommend buying YOGIS PASS membership to start reaping the benefits from your first order!

      How can I check how much time is remaining on my membership?

      Click on "Account" icon in the header at the top of any page on our website. Then click on "My Account" and the status of your membership will be displayed on the top right corner.

      What happens when my YOGIS PASS expires?

      You will need to renew the membership before expiry, to continue enjoying the benefits. Upon your request, the period to make the payment maybe extended but no more than 7 days.

      Is YOGIS PASS membership taxable?

      Yes, the price of the YOGIS PASS is taxable.

      Click here for YOGIS PASS TERMS & CONDITIONS


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