Cumin Whole (Jeera)
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Cumin Whole (Jeera)

One of the world's most popular spices, cumin (jeera) is extremely aromatic, with a warm, spicy, slightly bitter, earthy flavor. These little seeds have a strong, earthy flavor that’s essential to Indian, and some Middle Eastern cooking. Besides using them in recipes, try sprinkling freshly toasted seeds as a lovely garnish on black bean, carrot, or squash soup. Our certified organic whole cumin seeds pack a complex profile of nutty, earthy, and slightly peppery notes giving it a unique warming flavor. These seeds boast a range of vitamins and minerals such as: iron, manganese, copper, calcium, vitamin B1, and phosphorus. They have also been long associated in traditional medicine as helping aid in digestion. It can be used to add layers of deliciousness to all types of savory dishes both vegetable and meat based. You can also try boiling and steeping the seeds to create a uniquely satisfying tea!
Storage & Shelf Life : Store in cool and dry place. Best Before 12 months from the date of packaging.
Unit : 100g 
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