Kabuli Chana (Chickpea)
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Kabuli Chana (Chickpea)

These plump, round, golden beans are perfect on salad greens, in marinated and pasta salads, soups, and dips. Blend with tahini, lemon juice, and garlic for hummus. The certified organic chickpeas are high in folate, plus a good source of protein, fiber, magnesium, and zinc. The chickpea plant is extremely ancient and from Asia spread throughout the entire Mediterranean. When using them, we recommend that you soak the dried chickpeas in cold water for 8 hours, taking care to change the water at least once. To help soften the skin, add salt after cooking. Meanwhile, use bay leaves or wild fennel when cooking to avoid bloating. Rich in fibre and protein, they’re perfect for soups, purées, broths or our own desi cholle.
Storage & Shelf Life : Store in cool and dry place. Best Before 12 months from the date of packaging.
Unit : 500g, 1kg  
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