Sugar White
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Sugar White

A white sweet crystal prepared without any use of chemicals and made from a special vareity sugar cane. It is a type of carbohydrate which has replaced the traditional honey as a sweetener. It enhances the taste, structure, texture and appearance of many dishes, especially baked. Sugar is found in the tissues of most plants, but is present in sufficient quantity for extraction only in sugarcane and sugar beet. Our certified organic granulated or white sugar can be used in all your dishes as a sweetener and maybe powdered to be used in baking for better results. They are the carbohydrates that are composed of oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon. Sugar can be generally found in a range of foods from fruits to candies. It is essential to determine the actual source of sugar in the diet.  Most sugar comes from vegetables, fruits, and dairy products that contain natural sugar and also consist of minerals and vitamins. Added sugar can be found in items like cakes, fruit juices, sodas, and candy bars.
Storage & Shelf Life : Store in cool and dry place. Best Before 12 months from the date of packaging.
Unit : 500g, 1kg  
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