Urad Dhuli
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Urad Dhuli

Urad dhuli or Urad Mogar is pale yellow/whitish color on the interior and has a somewhat glutinous texture, that is obtained by removing the outermost layer of tiny black skin. It's one of the most highly valued pulses in India. It is used extensively in various culinary dishes like papad and curries, and is extremely nutritious. This pulse has made itself the most famous pulse inevitably and can be referred to as "King of Pulses" most appropriately. Our certified organic urad dal is free from any impurities and has lower seeds moisture for long storage life. It's rich in starch, proteins, carbohydrates, essential vitamins, potassium, and calcium making it ideal combination of all nutrients. Commonly known as black gram, organic urad dal mogar consists of skinless, split urad beans. With a bready flavor, organic urad dal mogar can be cooked alone and be used in the making of idli and dosa, as well as roasted with spices or added to cereal preparations such as sugi.  
Storage & Shelf Life : Store in cool and dry place. Best Before 12 months from the date of packaging.
Unit : 500g, 1kg  
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